User Profile: Your agent profile page contains all of our contact user information for accessing MonsterConnect. It is in your profile that you identify how you would like to access the Conference Line, specify your Caller ID options. You can access your profile page simply by clicking on the blue gear at the top right corner of the screen once you have logged in. 



(Direct Line): This is the number that our system will call so that you can access the conference line and receive calls. 

Caller ID: If you don't specify a specific number for your caller ID display, we will use our local caller id option, that matches a local number with the number being dialed. 

Randomized Caller ID: If you want to call numbers from random phone numbers, enable randomized callerid.

Note: Your user profile will be initially set up by your client service manager. At any point you would like to change it, you can simply login, click on the blue gear and change your phone number or caller ID option.