Once you are connected to the lead you will need to disposition your call. 


Transfer (Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down): In the event the lead has hung up prior to you talking, or in the event the agent connected you to a different contact than is identified on the screen and in the data. Simply click on the green thumbs up toggle, and a red thumbs down icon will appear, this will notify us that the call was unsuccessful. 

Once you have selected the thumbs down status, please select one of the following reasons for the why the transfer was unsuccessful. 

- I did not get connected
- I was connected to the wrong person (Indicating you we connected you with somone other than who was listed in the data.

Select a Lead Status: 

If you do not have your status's mapped, as they are in the screenshot you will see three dispositions. 

Open: You want to continue to call this lead in the future, if you want to call them back at a specific time, you can indicate that by selecting a time you want to call the lead back. 

Closed: You want to close out this lead and not call it in the future. 

Qualified: You scheduled an appointment. If you select qualified you will see a date and time box appear where you can indicate the date and time the appointment was set. 

As mentioned in the video, you can can map you custom dispositions from either your CRM, or if you are using .csv files you can create custom status's inside MonsterConnect. 

(If you would like to learn more about setting these up "Click Here".)


Once you have completed dispositioning the call select "Done" Then click the "GO" button to continue calling.