MonsterConnect provides two ways for you to access the conference bridge. By accessing the conference bridge you are enabling and accessing the audio, which will allow you to intiate recordings, dial manually, or recieve connections in a team dialing session.

Call Me:


By clicking "Call Me" you will recieve a call from our system to the designated phone number you have imputed in your profile. This is typically the simplest and easiest way to get connected. Once you have answered it, you will be connected to the conference line and you will see the dial status icon highlight green.


Dial In:

In the event that you want to connect to the audio and you are unable to imput a direct dial number into your profile (For example your deskphone at the office only has an ext.) you can dial into the audio. Simply click dial in and a phone number to dial in on and a pin number will appear. Simply dial the number that appears and the pin number when prompted. Once you are connected you will see the dial status icon highlight green.